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About Us

The Association was founded at a meeting of interested participants April 8, 1999.  John Richa was elected President on May 5, 1999. John remained president until December 31, 2008.  January 1, 2009, William H. “Bill” Kommalan assumed the office as he was elected to be the new president at the December 2008 meeting. Bill continued in office until December 31, 2018.

Helen Dellheim with Win Commercial of Keller Williams succeeded as president on January 1, 2019 until early 2022. MBBA Board directly reached out and asked Dustin Zeher if he would be interested in assuming the role of MBBA's next President. They felt he was the perfect person to lead the association due to his years of experience in the industry as well as his involvement in other associations like the CVBBA (board member), IBBA (member) and BizBuySell (broker committee counsel board member) to help the MBBA become more professional and obtain greater benefits like the CVBBA and IBBA offer. Dustin Zeher was honored to accept the nomination and was officially elected President where he assumed the position in Feb 2022. Dustin Zeher is the founder and owner of Horizon Business Brokers, LLC., which was established in 2006 and seems to be off to a great start in moving the MBBA forward to accomplish its founding goals and principles.

Bill Said “To my perspective, the MBBA operated as a “verbal multiple listing service” with members presenting their listing information and being able to discuss the nuances about the property or business. Financial information was often stated so the association initiated a practice of asking members and guests to sign a Confidential & Non-Disclosure document. Other aspects were to invite industry people to come and offer a presentation about their business or the potential of being able to service the member’s needs. Several people came from the MLIS, CoStar Group, bank and lending institutions, legal authorities, accounting authorities and LoopNet, plus others.”

In a statement dated December 2001, the Purpose of MBBA ….”is to foster cooperation in the sales of businesses, share information and provide educational material and knowledge to the members and share experiences.” In the about 24 years of existence, I think MBBA has lived up to a solid reputation and maintained itself well. I trust in the coming years, MBBA members will continue to put their best foot forward. The agents and brokers in this business realm provide a wide service to the small business owner, which is not normally serviced by the larger national brokers. The essence of this field is to be there for those who own businesses with or without real estate.


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